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The Safest, Most Superior Cleaning Method Available for Roofs and Exterior Surfaces

                                   High Quality Professional Paver Sealing and Restoration                                    

Chemical Roof/Exterior Cleaning and Paver Sealing
Palm Beach County, Florida

We can restore your home's beauty with our state of the art, professional exterior cleaning services

We perform the Soft Wash technique! A safe, chemical wash designed to kill mildew and sanitize the roof without damaging it.
NO damaging pressure washers used!

We use the highest quality commercial grade sealer on pavers, travertine and other surfaces. New Technologies -Non-yellowing sealers (NOT the products of the past that turn filmy). We work on new pavers and old pavers that need restored. 

Sunstate Cleaning Systems is South Florida's premiere chemical roof and exterior cleaning and paver sealing  company. We have been in the business since 1992 setting the industry standards. We were the company that introduced the SoftWash chemical cleaning process to the Palm Beach County area in 1998. Our cleaning system is designed to kill mold/mildew and sanitize the surface. We do not use a damaging pressure washer which can leak test your roof and strip paint or etch concrete. We are a professional company with highly trained technicians who take pride in performing quality treatments. We specialize in cleaning roofs (shingle, tile, metal), building exteriors, concrete surfaces, screen enclosures, pool decks, fences and pavers (cleaning and sealing/waterproofing/restoring). We provide services to residential homeowners, HOA's and commercial properties. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and attention to detail. Once we clean a roof, it will never get mildewed again - our Annual Roof Preventative Treatments will KEEP your roof spotless indefinately.

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Roof Cleaning, Chemical Roof Cleaning, Residential Power Washing, Palm Beach County, Florida


Roof Cleaning, Chemical Roof Cleaning, Residential Power Washing, Palm Beach County, Florida

Proudly Serving: All of Palm Beach County